In real estate today, consumers are far more educated, savvy, and resourceful than ever before. It’s key to differentiate product and brand, and this is where we saw a gap in the marketplace which led to the development of Soho Marketing – a full service project marketing agency with an entrepreneurial flair and in position to make a difference.

Soho Marketing brings a dynamic understanding of all proven aspects of modern marketing, utilizing both style and substance. Furthermore, Soho Marketing understands the distinction between marketing or re-marketing a development versus listing a single unit and the strategy required to effectively accomplish this is the value Soho Properties brings to you the Developer.

Soho Marketing is a centralized hub for all your marketing needs by internally offering a full service plan, and able to provide a complete solution to make an immediate impact and deliver on your sales and marketing objectives.

Call Soho Marketing at 604-649-1494 to schedule an appointment with our Team and realize the full potential of your residential development.