Selling Your Home With Soho Properties

We recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy for selling homes. Every property is unique and must be marketed accordingly. That’s why we’ve devised a project-based approach to real estate marketing that ensures no unique selling feature is overlooked, no sales opportunity is missed, and no detail is forgotten.


1.0 – Initial Meeting

This is how we begin the process and realize we’re the right fit. You’ll provide a tour of your home and point out key features and details that initially sold you on the property.

2.0 – Paperwork

Upon conducting a thorough market analysis, which includes the review of recent comparable active and sold homes, we’ll see trends that will allow us to properly price your home. We will then complete the necessary paperwork to get your listing market ready.

3.0 – Marketing

We understand how to captivate a targeted demographic through multiple marketing channels and this fully integrated approach allocates investment across all elements to give you a competitive advantage. Click here for details on our marketing program.

4.0 – Showings

Once your listing goes live on MLS we’ll begin to show your home to prospective buyers. Our job is to maximize value for you the homeowner and may require several showings to find the right buyer who is willing to purchase your home at maximum price the market will allow for. 

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Steps To Buying a Home With Soho Properties

Buying a home can be one of the largest financial investments you’ll make in your lifetime. This is why it’s important to work with a REALTOR® that you’re comfortable and confident with as you would any other business partnership. We understand that every buyer has their own individual needs. Whether it be for investment, your first time buying, or moving up the property ladder, we’ve developed a unique program to deliver based on your needs.


1.0 – Initial Meeting

Before working with a client, we encourage a face-to-face meeting. This meeting provides you an opportunity to ask questions. As well, this gives us an opportunity to set realistic expectations prior to engaging in a buyer agency relationship.

2.0 – Mortgage

This pre-approval is usually good for 90 days or more. This will set your maximum mortgage amount and interest rate, so you can set your budget before house hunting. It also let’s the seller know you are serious about buying a home and protects you from interest rate increases while we look for your new home.

3.0 – Email Search

We create a custom search query based on your needs. This search will extract all current listings on MLS to your Inbox. You will now have priority access to and receive new listings via email prior to them going live on the public MLS domain.

4.0 – House Tour

We’ll narrow the search to a few properties based on your needs and view these properties together. We may find your next home in the first try or may require another outing.  Nonetheless we are working on your behalf to find that home which meets your parameters and on budget.

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Gong Hey Fat Choy / Gong Xi Fa Cai

Should You List Your Home Over the Holidays?

Many people that I talk to want to wait to put their home on the market until after the New Year and get started then. I usually suggest to them that there are several reasons to put your home on the market before the holidays and get started now, unless it will just be too much to undertake due to family or travel commitments.

Here is the Top 10 List of why it makes sense to do it now!

1. People that are looking for homes during the holidays are BUYERS, not lookers. If someone is out scouring the homes for sale they need a place to live.

2. Many people want to take advantage of the tax benefits of buying before the end of the year.

3. There is less competition for your home due to market inventory. Everyone else is waiting until after the end of the year to put their home up!

4. Homes show better during the holidays with all the decorations.

5. Buyers tend to have more available time to look at homes during the holidays.

6. You can be on the market but restrict showings on the days during the holidays that you do not want people in your home.

7. Buyers tend to be emotional during the holidays and may pay more for your home.

8. January is a month that many people will start new jobs so that will bring in more serious buyers.

9. You can sell the home now and try to set up a delayed closing so you will not have to move until later.

10. If you sell now you will not have an issue buying your next home because you do not have one to sell. Great feeling.

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Does affordable rental housing decrease neighbouring property values?

In established neighbourhoods, residents often believe that new rental housing lowers property values. As a result, Not in My Backyard (NIMBY) syndrome can be a barrier to developers wanting to increase density.

Does affordable rental housing lead to lower property values? 

To find out the facts, we went looking for credible research on the topic. We started with the Chicago-based National Association of REALTORS® online library where we found links to more than 20 comprehensive studies and articles, some of which, in turn, reviewed and analyzed data from other studies.

The authors were academics, government, non-profits and independent researchers, ranging from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies to the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. 

The geographic areas studied included high-density urban areas, upscale suburbs and rural areas. Typically, studies compared the sale prices of nearby homes before, during and after rental housing is built.

What did the data find? 

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Evergreen Line Will Proceed

Metro Vancouver mayors have voted in favour of a transit plan that includes expanded services and the Evergreen Line.

“A positive vote means the Evergreen Line will proceed.” – Minister Lekstrom

The provincial government is committing $583 million to funding the Evergreen Line. Translink will provide $400 million and the federal government will contribute $417 million.  The Evergreen Line will relieve congestion, improve air quality and link Port Moody and Coquitlam to the SkyTrain system.  Over 8,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created during construction.

5 Tips for Younger Canadians Looking to Buy a Home

1. Leave some wiggle room

Line up your pay cheque and compare it to your total costs. Make sure that you have enough left over for new furniture, repairs and costs of living. Do a spending analysis to see what the total costs of home ownership would be relative to your lifestyle and build that into your plan (i.e. if you enjoy eating out or going to the gym).

2. The power of the pre-approval and stress test

Make sure you have your financing in order before you start your search – it will show sellers and real estate agents that you’re serious. Mortgage pre-approvals have no obligation and help lock in your interest rate. Work with a professional mortgage specialist to test your mortgage for potential mortgage rate and cost increases to make sure you can handle it.

3. Don’t overbuy

Be realistic in choosing a home that’s within your means and make concessions on what you’re looking for. Set aside a budget for ongoing home maintenance and potential cost increases (for utilities, taxes and fees). Online tools and calculators can help you plan your budget.

4. Look at payment flexibility

Look at a mortgage that provides you with the option of doubling up your mortgage payment or putting down a lump sum payment once a year. Doubling up your mortgage payment just once per year can save you tens of thousands in interest costs and take years off your mortgage amortization period.

5. Don’t forget closing costs

Closing costs are typically one to two per cent of your final purchase price. Build this into your budget along with the cost of new appliances, utility and cable hookup and moving costs.

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The NKBA Uncovers 11 Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2011

More than 100 designers who are members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), and have designed kitchens or bathrooms during the last three months of 2010, participated in an NKBA survey to reveal design trends in the marketplace for 2011. The results of this survey suggest there will be some changes in the direction that kitchen and bath styles will take this year.

Below are 7 kitchen trends and 4 bathroom trends that are poised to take hold in 2011. These are overall trends across the United States and Canada; they won’t necessarily appear in all geographic areas.


Rent or Buy Calculator Mortgage Calculator

Considering whether you should keep renting? Is now the time to buy? Ever wondered what your rent payment would be as a mortgage amount? Complete the below calculator and find out what your rent payment would equal in terms of a mortgage amount…