Hiring a great contractor

Most Canadians who renovate their home will rely on a contractor to get the work done. Here are some strategies for making sure you’re on the same page as your contractor, from hiring through to project completion:

Try to find a contractor with whom you’re comfortable communicating

You should be able to ask questions and get answers you understand. Asking around is a good start – get references from friends or find people who have had similar work done to their homes, and see who had good experiences with their contractors.

Be on guard for fly-by-night outfits

Steer clear of contractors who make extremely low-ball or limited time offers, request payment in cash, pressure you to sign a contract right when it’s presented, or ask for a large percentage of the project as a down payment.

Know what you want

Too many people sign on with a contractor to have a particular job done, but in the middle of the project realize that they want something else. Such indecision can wreak havoc with a contractor’s plans, perhaps causing them to undo some work, and can derail your budget.

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