Light up your life with colour!

By Amber Beall, Benjamin Moore Dunbar

What do natural light, artificial lighting and the colour of your walls have to do with one another? How important is it that you choose the right colour, considering the natural light in your home? The answer to both is everything!

As the days get shorter and we creep towards the stay-indoors and hibernate months of fall and winter, making sure your home is properly lit is very important. Not only does good lighting affect your overall mood, but choosing a wall colour while considering the amount of natural light you get in a space is essential.  For instance, many people think that the best colour to paint in a darker room is a light, fresh tone to “make the space feel bigger” when in fact the opposite is true! Think about it, how will you see the light, fresh colour when it’s overcome by shadows in the room.  Much better to use a warm, mid-tone or even a cozy, darker shade and leave the provision of light to some swanky new table lamps!

The opposite is true of airy, natural light-filled rooms, these often look wonderful painted a lighter colour that contrasts subtley with white trim.  In this case, artificial lighting is only necessary in the evenings.  Either way, there is no hard and fast rule to darker or lighter paint colours in any room, as it is your taste that matters most in the end. The most important thing is that your space is a warm and inviting place to relax and shed the cares of your day!

Amber Beall is an Interior Designer and Benjamin Moore Colour Expert based in Vancouver, BC.  Specializing in residential homes, Amber transforms her client’s spaces with colour palettes and design ideas as bright and bold as her personality!  Contact her directly at