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Midcentury Makeover: Toronto’s Café Boulud

By iadmag

Reimagined by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, Toronto’s Café Boulud recently received a new look care of the renowned London-based firm. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, the redesign of Chef Daniel Boulud’s restaurant echoes its menu rooted in French tradition. Brudnizki focused on maintaining the ambience and excitement of a French brasserie while accenting the room with midcentury furnishings and bespoke light fixtures. We sat down with Interior Architect Martin Brudnizki to discuss how he approached the restaurant revamp and finding inspiration in mid-century marvels. ###

What are some design considerations specific to working within a restaurant …read more

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72-Hour Getaway: A Weekend in Salt Spring Island


One of the greatest advantages of Canadian West Coast living is access to the forested Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia. Situated in the Southern Gulf Islands is Salt Spring Island. Covering 180 square kilometers, the island has a population of 10,500. What makes Salt Spring Island attractive to both tourists and vacation home buyers is its accessibility and the tranquility in its natural beauty.


Image by Maria/Shutterstock

On a Friday afternoon, you have a variety of options to get to Salt Spring Island from Vancouver and nearby areas. The …read more

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10 Basic Things to Consider When Buying a Condo in Toronto


Finding your dream condo takes time, patience, and guidance—but it’s one of the most exciting investments you’ll make. A condo in the heart of Toronto is surrounded by award-winning restaurants, highly respected cultural institutions, and the buzz of a dynamic, world-class city.

If you’re in the market for a condo for the first time—whether you are buying your first home or an inaugural investment property, or downsizing from a detached single family home—it’s easy (and appropriate!) to focus on size or floorplans, or to become enamoured with chic decor. In addition to layout and aesthetics, pay attention …read more

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Neighbourhood Guide: West Vancouver


Located on the coast of beautiful British Columbia, West Vancouver is one of the most coveted waterfront communities in the Metro Vancouver area. Surrounding mountain, water, and city views create a picturesque backdrop to this vibrant community. West Vancouver’s population of about 42,000 is comprised of a variety of age groups, including families with young children, working professionals, and retired couples.

The centre for award-winning architectural design known as West Coast Style, West Vancouver offers plentiful outdoor activities and stunning scenery. It’s an ideal neighbourhood for nature lovers and culinary enthusiasts.

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Design News: indoor glass planters, multicoloured LED home & hammock rocking chair

By iadmag

Since indoor plants do wonders for air quality, a gardener needs accessories to help this greenery thrive in its environment. The Mygdal, a clear glass planter with its own self-sustaining ecosystem. This allows plants to grow in dark spaces with no sunlight. [Design Milk]

A conceptual design for a new ‘dancer bus’ created by vejo projektai seeks to integrate public transportation into all Lithuanian cities while improving urban design with art and technology. The proposal outlines a plan for a whole new city bus system where those in transit are better able to observe their …read more

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Refresh Your Home: 4 Easy Apartment Upgrades That Maximize Your ROI


Whether you’re looking to wow potential buyers or simply want to enhance the value of your own home, there are lots of easy and affordable apartment upgrades that can maximize your return on investment. Yet with so many options, it can be difficult to know exactly which kinds of upgrades will be the most impactful. To narrow it down, here are some key areas to consider: lighting, storage, fixtures, and energy efficiency.

Lighten It Up

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to lighten up a space is with paint. Apply a fresh coat of a …read more

Source: Refresh Your Home: 4 Easy Apartment Upgrades That Maximize Your ROI

At Home with Amanda Hamilton


Known for her playful tenacious personal, Calgary-based Interior Designer Amanda Hamilton’s bold and unconventional approach to design and business earned her the title of “One to Watch” in the 2013 Western Living Designer of the Year Awards. As the creative director for her eponymous Interior Design Studio, she is relentlessly committed to design education and creative exploration alongside her clients throughout their projects.

Amanda’s eclectic home in Calgary is, no surprise, bold and unconventional. While the home is rooted in a classic, timeless palette, Amanda uses it as a platform to explore concepts and express her own ever evolving sense of …read more

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Sensual Summer Whites

By iadmag

There is a reason French winemakers rarely display the names of grape varietals on their labels. It is, in part, tradition, but the tradition itself is rooted in a philosophy of sorts. The belief is that the character of a wine derives more from the specifics of place or terroir than from the fruit itself. In other words, the fruit is the medium, while the setting—including climate, soil and topography—is the message. Just as an architect uses concrete, steel, glass and wood to create structures that integrate with or, indeed, enhance the surrounding landscape, the winemaker attempts, using harvested grapes, …read more

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A smart Haiku ceiling fan

By iadmag

Smart-home enthusiasts will welcome the enhanced Haiku ceiling fan from the cheekily named Kentucky–based company: Big Ass Fans. Introduced in 2012, the Haiku—sleek, highly efficient and ultra-quiet—now comes with an LED light module, plus enough techie features to enable it to make autonomous decisions.

Built-in sensors monitor conditions in a room, adjusting temperature and humidity based on how many people enter and leave the space. Homeowners intent on controlling their habitat, however, can override those smarts by programming their preferences via a free app downloadable on their smartphones. The Haiku can “remember,” for example, the light’s wake-up-alarm setting or its random …read more

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