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Design News: Mino’s sculptural jewellery collection, sustainable architecture & more

By iadmag

With a jewellery collection inspired by architectural forms, Mino Creations’ necklaces, bracelets and rings utilize crisp, bold lines to craft modern jewellery that resembles a sculptural feat. Materials include walnut and beeswax, and the entire collection is handmade in Cyprus. [Design Milk]

Lighting design studio SturlesiDesign has launched a series of 7W LED bulbs. The collection adds a moody glow to the room with its carbon filament light bulbs. [Design Milk]

A sustainable ecosystem developed by Vincent Callebaut Architects intends to count climate change. The concept of combining archaeology and sustainable food systems is based on …read more

Source: Design News: Mino’s sculptural jewellery collection, sustainable architecture & more

Create the Comfort of a Hotel at Home


There’s nothing like walking into a stunning hotel room. This moment is where both big and small vacations begin. Hotel rooms provide just the right mix of things you want and things you need. They usually include a good bed, luxurious sheets and blankets, tasteful decorations and a few indulgences.

Here are some tips on how to create the comfort of a hotel at home:

Certain colours can evoke certain moods. Set a nice, relaxing mood in your rooms by using calm colours like blues, pastels and neutrals. Stick to classic, attractive colours.

Lighting is an important element. Start with the most basic …read more

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1956 Ferrari on auction at Sotheby’s

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Argentinian Juan Manuel Fangio was the greatest race-car driver of the 1950s, alongside Stirling Moss, and arguably the greatest driver of all time. He won the world championship five times, excelled at racing a variety of famous marques, including Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Mercedes-Benz, and won a record 46 per cent of all his races. Fangio competed in gruelling, lengthy races on dirt roads throughout Latin America (some as long as 10,000 kilometres), narrowly escaped death on several occasions, and endured a kidnapping in Havana. Amazingly, he was over 40 when he won his first championship, but remained
an iconic …read more

Source: 1956 Ferrari on auction at Sotheby’s

Alexa is even smarter than Jeeves

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Hey, Alexa, play Hurt by Johnny Cash. Alexa, what will tomorrow’s weather be? Alexa, read me The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. Alexa, please turn off the kitchen lights. . . .

Siri, iPhone’s digital intelligence, apparently has a rival. While Siri is a personal assistant, Alexa is more a family concierge who combines a sunny, helpful nature with encyclopedic knowledge.

Alexa is the artificial smarts residing in the voice-activated, 23.5-cm-tall black cylinder called the Amazon Echo. Plug the device in, download a companion app, and then set up Echo on your home’s wireless network.###

Always ready for conversation, …read more

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Design News: Nendo’s new chocolate, a cake installation and Barbie’s smart dreamhouse

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Japanese design firm Nendo once again tackles the packaging of chocolate and sweets in a novel approach. The experience of luxury chocolate is realized in a beautifully patterned chocolate bar, available in flavours like milk, strawberry, matcha and bitter. The inclusion of stripes, dots, and waves lend a physical shape to the chocolate that changes the way it is consumed and enjoyed. [Design Milk]

The conceptual plans for a botanical garden in Houston, Texas by Dutch firm West 8 features a garden mosaic and a bridge with an archway of trees. The proposed project …read more

Source: Design News: Nendo’s new chocolate, a cake installation and Barbie’s smart dreamhouse

The legacy of Baron Haussmann

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The Pompidou Centre and the Eiffel Tower may be the most visited tourist attractions in Paris, but the city’s most enduring look goes by the name Haussmann. Those ubiquitous white stone-fronted terraces, ringed with wrought-iron balconies and topped with mansard roofs, are Paris’s uniform, designed to an exacting standard over nearly two decades by Baron George-Eugène Haussmann, who was appointed Prefect of the Seine in 1853 by Napoleon III.

Along with sweeping boulevards and sublime parks—antidotes to the congested medieval alleys that spread disease across imperial Paris—he rebuilt an estimated 60 per cent of the city in the Haussmann style, targeting …read more

Source: The legacy of Baron Haussmann

Get your beauty sleep in these vibrant sheets

By iadmag

Weary of the prevalence of neutral colour palettes, Toronto-based Sharon Lockwood let her inner artist run rampant in the bedroom. Rather than treat the space as a one-and-done project or, as she says, “a uniform,” Lockwood, a seasoned communications designer, likened the decorating process to dressing. “A change of duvet cover can reflect the season, or a mood, or an occasion, or make a statement”—the same motivations that influence the way we dress, reasoned Lockwood, who was born in South Africa and raised in London. Her new line of bed linens—called ZayZay, which is her childhood …read more

Source: Get your beauty sleep in these vibrant sheets

Design News: a revamped Thai resort, the Dombo mug, and Italian gemstone furniture

By iadmag

SOOk architects has revamped a resort on a pineapple plantation in Thailand. The primary intention behind the “baan suan mook” resort was to protect the pineapple fields from the surrounding urban sprawl that was threatening them. [Design Boom]

Dutch designer Richard Hutten originally crafted the Domoor mug as an easy-to-grasp solution for his son’s small hands. The word “domoor” actually means “fool” and the English name its been given is Dombo as an homage to Disney’s Dumbo ears. Produced by Dutch company Gispen since 2002, the playful design has sold over half …read more

Source: Design News: a revamped Thai resort, the Dombo mug, and Italian gemstone furniture

2016 Design Trends


At the start of every year, the best of the best in the interior design world set the tone for what we can expect to be popular in the year to come. In 2016, a few classic trends have returned to the “what’s hot” list. This means that you likely already own pieces that are on trend and can simply reintegrate them into your decor while storing items that were previously stylish. Fashion and interior design trends are very cyclical, so it’s best to purchase smaller items and accent pieces to bring your home up-to-date so that you can store …read more

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