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How to Choose the Right Chandelier


Chandeliers are some of the most fun – and challenging fixtures to choose. They add style and become part of the home decor. Like any decorative piece, the right chandelier can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room. If you take the time to pick the right chandelier, it can be a great conversation piece as well as a part of your home that really makes you feel as though you are living in the lap of luxury.

Here is what you need to know about choosing a chandelier:


Decide where to hang your chandelier. The location …read more

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Copenhagen’s Circle Bridge

By iadmag

Copenhagen’s new Cirkelbroen (Circle Bridge), made of five interconnected circular platforms, is part of a larger circle that will eventually form a pedestrian route around Copenhagen Harbour.

…read more

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Beautiful Modern Bathrooms

By iadmag

Cool, clear, clean-lined: More than ever, the bathroom-as-spa is in the ascendant. No sumptuous detail is left off the list. Comfort is king. Here’s how to make it modern:

Expose it: Put the inner workings—pipes, hardware, seams—on display.

Add curves: Even the sleekest bathrooms can incorporate curves, which give the space a human touch.

Use texture: Texture in fabrics, tiles and finishes adds an essential organic element, especially with monochromatic palettes.

Put pattern on pattern: Complementary patterns in tone-on-tone colour schemes offer another way to add texture, quietly.

Declutter: Open spaces and clear surfaces make the bath suite a soothing place to escape.

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Becoming a Landlord


Being a landlord can be a lucrative move, but there are pros and cons of owning rental properties. There is a lot to know and to run your business effectively, you need to learn the relevant rules and regulations in the province where you will rent. Getting informed helps you respond appropriately if and when challenges arise.

Here is what you need to know before becoming a landlord:

Crunch Numbers Carefully

When looking at prospective tenancy options, investigate all of the local economic data. Be sure to avoid markets where unemployment remains high, since a lack of jobs can translate into a lack …read more

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Modern Berlin Palace

By iadmag

After living a storied life—first as a palace, then as a hospital during the Berlin Wall era—before falling into ruin, this striking structure has since been converted into four private residences, including an unexpectedly minimalist family home by Poland-based interior designer Jacek Kolasiński. The owners (a couple, with two young children) gave Kolasiński free rein to design the space; he responded by combining classic design elements from Scandinavia and the Bauhaus-inspired ’20s with Polish accents. Kolasiński, the owner of interior design firm Loft Szczecin, also designed much of the furniture in his trademark style—simple, seamless and clean-lined.###

Just as the structure …read more

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Lights, Camera, Architect!

By iadmag

Architects and their work form the stuff of drama rather less often than other professions. Director and screenwriter Mary McGuckian talked to IA&D about filming the lives of some of the 20th century’s celebrated modernist icons.

The upcoming film The Price of Desire explores the relationships between architect and furniture designer Eileen Gray, her lover, architecture critic Jean Badovici, and fellow architect Le Corbusier. It also considers the widely held view that Le Corbusier shunted Gray to the sidelines out of professional jealousy. In addition to locations in Ireland and a studio in Belgium, scenes of the movie …read more

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Fall-Inspired Paint Colours


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Fall’s familiar chill in the air is back. Help keep your home cozy with a new wall colour.

Here are the best fall-inspired paint colours and how you can use them in your own home:

Berry Red

Berry 3

Canary Yellow

Yellow 1
Yellow 2

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Architect Eileen Gray’s 1920s French villa

By iadmag

Irish architect Eileen Gray built her first house, a villa in the South of France, In the late 1920s. Almost 90 years later, this esteemed Modernist work is slowly being restored, and is co-starring in a film about the architect’s storied life and prolific career.

“E1027” doesn’t sound like a house name with much promise. Upon hearing the name, you’d need a lively imagination to envision a maverick work of modernist architecture on the French Riviera. But it is the moniker that expat Irish furniture designer and architect Eileen Gray gave to her first building, a villa she designed with her …read more

Source: Architect Eileen Gray’s 1920s French villa

Santa Monica Dream Home Restoration

By iadmag

Famed modernist Quincy Jones, built an enclave of innovative low-slung dwellings in the Santa Monica Mountains. In 2010, an energetic young couple found their California dream home via the meticulous restoration of one of the group’s original post-and-beams.

Head for the hills. That is what Alex and Kristin MacDowell did after they moved to Los Angeles. Like many new arrivals to the city, they were chasing a particular dream of Southern California, and theirs was to inhabit a modern house overlooking the Los Angeles Basin.

It was not easy to get there, however. The twisty roads in the hills had once been, …read more

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