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Trends in Outdoor Furniture


Although many Canadians get to enjoy their home’s outdoor space for only three to four months of the year, we love to take advantage of that time to experience outdoor living to its full potential. The right furniture and design scheme can enhance your lifestyle during the spring and summer months and should be considered with as much care as for any other room of your home. If properly taken care of, outdoor furniture can last a lifetime and make your outdoor space a true extension of your home.

Here are the top trends in outdoor furniture:

Blues and Greens

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How to Style: Home Office


Home offices can be tricky to style. They need to feel comfortable, but not too cozy and spark creativity without being distracting. Take your time, see what works best for you and the space and have fun!

Here are some ideas on how to style a home office:

Inspiration Boards

Inspiration 2
Inspiration 1

Non-traditional Desks

Desks 1
Desks 2
Desks 3


Built ins 1
Built ins 2

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Spring 2014: Housing & Economic Outlook*


In Sotheby’s International Realty Canada’s latest report, key economic, demographic and market indicators predict promising momentum in the residential real estate markets of the country’s largest metropolitan centres this spring and into 2014. The Housing and Economic Outlook analyzes macro-level factors that anchor the health of the national real estate market, including the U.S. economic recovery, strength of the Canadian dollar, Canadian transfer of wealth, unemployment rates, immigration numbers and interest rate trends. The report also examines year-over-year market data that anticipates the trajectory of local market performance.

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National Highlights:

Yin and Yang: Q&A with Cumberland CEO Gerry Connor

By iadmag

As Chairman and CEO of Cumberland Private Wealth Management, Gerry Connor has a reputation for zigging when others zag—doing the exact opposite of what many investors expect in any given market. And it works. Connor pulled his clients out of tech stocks well before the bubble burst; a few years back he jumped into the US market with both feet when others were fleeing; and Cumberland, the firm he helped start in 1997, has rejuvenated large swathes of Toronto (including King West and East), because it bought real estate when others abandoned it.

IAD recently sat down with Connor …read more

Source: Yin and Yang: Q&A with Cumberland CEO Gerry Connor

Trends in Rugs


Area rugs are the perfect way to anchor or divide a space and add warmth and colour to a room, but there are many considerations to take into account: pile, durability, size, shape, patterns, textures, weight, cost, dye, practicality, manufacturing processes and design.

Trends in interior design can change very rapidly, but luckily trends in area rugs generally seem to last for a few years. Since area rugs vary in pricing depending on the above-noted considerations it is nice to know that if one spends a significant amount to invest in a rug it will be in style for at least …read more

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How to Style: Bedroom


While creating a stylish bedroom is key to wanting to spend time there, bedroom design should be about so much more than design aesthetics. We should also be creating a bedroom design that easily accommodates our morning-to-nighttime rituals. If the design doesn’t suit our day-to-day habits and needs, the space will feel uncomfortable, regardless of how beautiful it may be. Before you set out to redesign your bedroom, take a few minutes and decide what you really need in the space— then design around that.

Here are some ideas that add style (and function) to a bedroom:

Mirrors Behind Nightstands

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